Yuri Bushkin, Ph.D.
RNA-based signatures in the course of mycobacterial infection and inflammation.
Theresa Chang, Ph.D.
Studies the role of innate immunity in sexually transmitted infection-mediated enhancement of HIV infection, and HIV infection of human peritoneal macrophages
Neeraj Chauhan, Ph.D.
Studies the biology and disease mechanisms of fungal pathogens of the Candida genus
Veronique Dartois, Ph.D.
Antibiotics at the site of infection: how do they get there and how much is required to kill the resident pathogens?
Karl Drlica, Ph.D.
Studies strategies for restricting the emergence of new antibiotic resistance using fluoroquinolones as model systems
David Dubnau, Ph.D.
Studies DNA uptake during genetic transformation and the regulation of bacterial competence, sporulation and biofilms
Maria Laura Gennaro, M.D.
Tuberculosis; host-pathogen interactions; Mycobacterium tuberculosis stress responses; macrophage lipid metabolism
Hee-Sook Kim, Ph.D.
Studies the mechanism of genome integrity and antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei
Fred Russell Kramer, Ph.D.
Design of nucleic acids whose functions enable the detection of target genes in assays whose results improve people’s health
Min Lu, Ph.D.
Studies the molecular mechanisms that underlie HIV-1 entry into target cells
Salvatore A.E. Marras, Ph.D.
Studies the properties of fluorescent nucleic acid hybridization probes and develops novel probe chemistries
Leonard Mindich, Ph.D.
Studies genomic packaging of multsegmented viruses and the temporal regulation of the transcription activities
Jyothi F Nagajyothi, Ph.D.
Studies the immuno-metabolic regulatory role of adipose tissue in the pathogenesis of chronic infectious diseases
Abraham Pinter, Ph.D.
Harnassing the humoral immune responses to HIV and TB for immunodiagnostic and immunotherapeutic applications
G. Marcela Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Studies mycobacterial pathogenesis with emphasis in pathogen-host interactions that are driven by nutritional immunity
Jeanne Salje, Ph.D.
Studies the host-pathogen cell biology of obligate intracellular bacteria
Lanbo Shi, Ph.D.
Immunometabolism in tuberculosis and mechanism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenicity
Selvakumar Subbian, Ph.D.
Studies host-pathogen interactions and host-directed therapy in Infectious diseases of humans
Sanjay Tyagi, Ph.D.
Single-molecule imaging of intracellular RNA synthesis and localization
Christopher Vinnard, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.C.E.
Studies patient factors that drive variability in the pharmacokinetics of anti-infective agents, with a focus on tuberculosis
Chaoyang Xue, Ph.D.
Studies host-pathogen interactions in Cryptococcus
Xilin Zhao, Ph.D.
Studies bacterial stress response and programmed cell death, new antibiotics and potentiators, antibiotic resistance, gut microbiota