Fred Russell Kramer, Ph.D.

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Our group latest publication shows that SuperSelective primer pairs enhance the sensitivity of multiplex PCR assays that identify and quantitate somatic mutations in liquid biopsies obtained from patients with cancer, thereby enabling the choice of a targeted therapy, the determination of its effectiveness over time, and the substitution of a more appropriate therapy as new mutations arise.  Kramer FR, Vargas DY (2021) SuperSelective primer pairs for sensitive detection of rare somatic mutations. Scientific Reports 11: 22384.  Open Access article at:

Our laboratory is developing sensitive, multiplex polymerase chain reaction assays that utilize the DNA fragments transiently occurring in blood samples to detect and quantitate rare somatic mutations that are indicative of cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.  These assays employ specialized PCR primers that selectively amplify mutant DNA fragments without amplifying the almost identical DNA fragments that come from normal cells.  Because these assays are non-invasive and inexpensive, a patient can be followed over the course of treatment, enabling individualized adjustments in therapy to be made as new somatic mutations occur, resulting in longer life with fewer symptoms.  Our long-term goal is to design an assay that can be carried out on a blood sample obtained during a routine annual medical examination that identifies actionable somatic mutations indicative of cancer anywhere in a person’s body, even though no symptoms have yet occurred.

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