Sanjay Tyagi, Ph.D.

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Probes for RNA Imaging. We developed two popular probe chemistries for visualization of RNAs in situ: molecular beacon probes, that become fluorescent upon binding to target RNAs and thereby allow visualization of RNA dynamics and trafficking in live cells and single molecule FISH (Stellaris) probes, that allow visualization of single RNA molecules in cells after fixation.

mRNA Traffic in Nucleus. How the large complex formed by mRNA and the proteins that bind to it during its synthesis, is able to travel from the site of transcription to the nuclear pores through the extremely dense chromatin has been an enigma. We visualized the transport of individual mRNA molecules soon after their synthesis at the gene locus. The analysis of the molecular tracks revealed that mRNP complexes explore the volume of the nucleus by simple Brownian diffusion. The motion of mRNP complexes is restricted to the interchromatin spaces. When the complexes drift into the dense chromatin, they tend to become immobilized. This glimpse into the dynamic architecture of the nucleus reveals a key step in the expression of genes.

Stochastic mRNA Synthesis. With our ability to detect single mRNA molecules, we counted all mRNA molecules produced in individual cells by a gene. We found that cells of higher eukaryotes display massive cell-to-cell variations in gene expression. The variations occur because the mRNAs are produced in randomly initiated bursts and then decay in a steady manner. The observation of these bursts in mRNA synthesis raises questions about how cells are able to maintain their relatively constant phenotypes in the face of such large-scale fluctuations.

Intracellular Venues of mRNA splicing. To image individual molecules of pre-mRNA and splicing products, two sets of probes were used at the same time, one set for an intron and the other set, labeled with a different color, for an exon. Usually splicing occurs at the gene locus, while the pre-mRNA is still being synthesized. However, with our single-molecule imaging approach we found that during alternative splicing regulated by RNA binding proteins, the normally tight coupling of transcription and splicing is broken, and the pre-mRNAs are spliced in the nucleoplasm after their release from the gene locus.

Neuronal mRNA Transport. We demonstrated that neuronal mRNAs travel into dendrites as the solitary cargo of the RNA transport granules. Our single-molecule imaging indicated that two molecules of the same or different mRNA species do not assemble in common granules. This model of mRNA transport affords a finer control of mRNA content within a synapse for synaptic plasticity then previous models did.

The current work is focused on understanding the mechanisms of mRNA transport, transcriptional bursts and on imaging other mRNA processing events like non-sense mediated decay.

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