Theresa Chang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Room W350T.1


August 5, 2021. Dr. Chang received a NIH R01 of a total $3,831,758 to study sex differences in intestinal immune dysfunction and SHIV persistence.
March 1, 2021. Dr. Chang received a NIH R21 of a total $431,334 to study the impact of gender affirming hormone therapy on immune modulation and HIV infection.

My research interest is to dissect the host-virus interaction at molecular and cellular levels, and to understand the interplay between mucosal immunity and microbiome and the subsequent impact on viral transmission and pathogenesis. We have determined mucosal immune and microbial determinants that modulate HIV infectivity and susceptibility of mucosal T cells in vitro, in explant models and in women under various clinical settings including sexually transmitted infections and Depo-Provera injection. Other research interests include 1) immune and microbial determinants in the gender difference in SHIV pathogenesis and disease progression in a non-human primate model, 2) the novel immune and anti-viral functions of a unique type I IFN, IFN epsilon in vitro and in vivo, and 3) human peritoneal macrophages as HIV reservoirs.

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