Energy saving initiatives at PHRI

Did you know that the largest sector contributing to Rutgers’ greenhouse gas emissions is the building sector, with a total of about 360,000 tons (76%), coming from on-campus heating and electricity generation?

There are many things we can do to reduce energy consumption. For example:

1. Keep doors closed to reduce the energy consumed for heating and cooling the building.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

3. Turn off equipment and computers while not in use.

Even a small water bath can consume as much energy as a dishwasher every hour.

4. Turn off and close biosafety cabinets in BSL2 laboratories when not in use.

5. An ultra-low temperature freezer uses as much energy as an average household every day.

Reduce the electricity your freezer consumes by:

  • Tuning the temperature to -70C reduces energy use by 30% and it is generally safe for bacterial, fungi, DNA, RNA and tissue samples
    For more information about safe storage at -70C, visit:
  • Keeping an inventory to minimize time the freezer is open while you find your sample
  • Defrosting your freezers regularly

Download the PDF document Green Lab Group – Good Cold Storage Practices for an overview on the responsible and energy efficient use of freezers.