Leonard Mindich, Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
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Our group has been interested in two important problems in virology. The first is the nature of the mechanisms of genomic packaging in viruses that have complex RNA genomes. In several cases, viruses can package a multipartite RNA genome such that each virion has one each of the different genomic segments. We have been studying the packaging of the genomes of the Cystoviridae, bacteriophages with a genome composed of three segments of double-stranded RNA. We have developed a model for the packaging mechanism and have substantiated it experimentally. It is the only case where the mechanism of packaging has been elucidated for a multipartite genome. We are currently trying to identify the detailed molecular interactions involved in the specificity of the packaging.

The second problem is that of the temporal regulation of gene expression during viral infection. Proteins that are involved in genome reproduction are usually expressed early in infection while those involved with lysis or assembly of the cell infection apparatus are expressed later. In the Cystoviridae, the genome is composed of three segments of dsRNA. The largest segment, designated as L codes for four proteins that assemble to form the core of the virus, which is the machine that is responsible for the replication of the viral genome. The transcript of segment L is abundant early in infection and scarce at later times. We have found that the transcription of L is stimulated by the binding of specific host proteins to the viral core upon infection of the host cell. The host proteins are in short supply and therefore cover only the infecting particles and a few newly formed ones.  Most of the new virions lack the host proteins and therefore primarily transcribe the S and M segments. Four different members of the cystoviridae each use a different host protein to control the transcription of segment L. Bacteriophage Φ8, which is more distantly related to most members of the Cystoviridae, uses a different mechanism to control the abundance of the L transcript. In this case, the L segment has a unique gene that produces a protein that is involved in the destruction of the L transcript.

We are currently investigating both the mechanism by which the host proteins binding to the viral core results in a change in the specific activity of the viral RNA polymerase. We are also studying the details of the process by which a Φ8 protein causes the decay of the L transcript.

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