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PHRI News and Events Archive

11-02-18  Drs. Sanjay Tyagi and Arjun Raj were awarded a 2018 Thomas Alva Edison Award for Patents at the Council’s 39th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony on November 1.  This award was for the development of single-molecule FISH probes (commercially known as Stellaris probes) that are useful for in situ imaging mRNAs with single-molecule sensitivity.

10-24-18  Dr. Theresa Chang was awarded a 2018 Cancer Research Grant from the Mary Kay Foundation.  The grant will help her study on women with cervical cancer and the specific immune functions.

10.10.18   Dr. Abraham Pinter has been part of an ongoing study led by The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) to develop a fast diagnotic test to detect tuberculosis in people infected with HIV. For details, visit

08.30.18   EurekAlert posted a press release entitled “How damaging immune cells develop during tuberculosis” on a research article from Marila Gennaro’s group published in PLOS Pathogens. For details, visit and

07.11.18     PHRI is proud to announce that Drs. Jyothi Nagajyothi and Gloria Marcela Rodriguez were promoted to Associate Professors at New Jersey Medical School.

05.22.18     David Perlin’s group and Cidara Therapeutics were awarded a $5.5 million NIH grant to support the development of novel immunotherapy agents targeting multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections. Visit to read the press release.

03.13.18     Drs. Liang Chen and Barry Kreiswirth participated in a study that shows the potential of an antibody approach to treat multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Visit to read the NIH press release.

03.06.18     Drs. Marras, Kramer, Tyagi and Vargas-Gold were awarded US Patent 9,909,159 for their invention of a novel PCR method, utilizing so-called “SuperSelective Primers”, which is highly specific and sensitive and allows the detection and identification of rare mutant sequences in a background of abundant wild-type sequences, even if the difference between the sequences is a single nucleotide polymorphism.

01.26.18     Dr. David Perlin, executive director of PHRI, was among a select group of fellows elected into the American Academy of Microbiology. For details, please visit: