Jyothi F Nagajyothi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
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Lipid induced metabolic disorders and chronic infectious diseases

Chagas disease, caused by Trypanasoma cruzi, is a chronic infectious disease that represents the third greatest tropical disease burden after malaria and schistosomiasis. A major complication of Chagas disease is Chagasic cardiomyopathy (CCM), an important cause of congestive heart failure in the endemic regions of Latin America. The pathogenesis of Chagas disease needs to be considered in the context of the endemic regions, where there is an increase in obesity, diabetes, hypertension and chronic cardiovascular disease.

My research has identified a strong link between T. cruzi invasion and cardiac lipid homeostasis in CCM. Whole body lipid homeostasis depends on many organs and signaling pathways, among them adipocytes, pancreas and liver play major role in lipid metabolism especially during T. cruzi infection. Another important factor is diet, which also regulates the outcome of T. cruzi infection. Current research in my laboratory is focused on establishing the link between Chagas disease and metabolic disorders. The effect of different lipid and glucose lowering drugs such as Lipitor and Metformin, respectively, on different stages of CD in murine model is being studied. Our data suggest that CCM is the result of two distinct perturbations in lipid metabolism: an increase in lipolysis and lipid influx to the myocardium during acute infection; and an induction of de novo lipogenesis in the myocardium during the intermediate (latent) stage of infection. Diet, a major regulator of adipogenesis plays a significant role during infection. Our studies target this novel pathogenic mechanism to understand the link between acute infection induced lipid metabolic disorder and chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy. My research is focused on four interlinked areas:

  1. Role of diet in the development of metabolic syndrome in chronic infectious diseases
  2. Parasite host adipocyte/adipose tissue interaction and the pathogenesis of infectious diseases
  3. Role of serum lipoproteins in the pathogenesis of Chagas heart disease
  4. Adipocyte, pancreas and liver malfunction during acute and chronic infections and its consequence on the development of metabolic syndrome
  5. Alternative therapeutic approaches to prevent and cure Chagas disease

The long term goal of my laboratory group is to understand the interaction(s) of chronic infectious diseases and metabolic disorders to prevent the global burden of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. In addition to being interested in studying the pathogenesis Chagas disease, I am also interested in dissecting the link between adipose tissue physiology and pulmonary pathophysiology in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the context of metabolic disorder.

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